Our Teaching Philosophy

We believe that children thrive in an environment that is secure, predictable, nurturing and supportive. We believe it is important to set realistic expectations and limits for young children to ensure the safety of each child; the protection of his/her rights (and those of others); and the protection of property. When a child exceeds the limits, we guide, in a manner that is firm, positive, and still maintains the child's self respect. Sometimes experiencing the consequence of his/her actions can be a learning experience for a child. Giving choices or redirection when a child's behavior is inappropriate can be used to avoid uncontrollable misbehavior. We will also strive to help the children solve their own problems. This may be as simple as asking, 'What do you think you can do about this problem?' or we may need to offer a suggestion. We acknowledge the child's feelings and help him/her to be considerate of the feelings of others.

Discipline is something adults do with and for children, rather than something done to children. Its intention is to help children become self-disciplined as they learn appropriate and acceptable behaviors.

Little Koala Concept


•   Caring and respect for others
•   Sharing
•   Willing to help others


•   Trying new things
•   Not being afraid of taking risks
•   Accepting of differences


•   Always having a positive attitude
•   Attitude decides one’s altitude in life
•   Trying their best and perservering


•   Life-long learning, never too old to learn
•   Aspiring to goals and dreams
•   Having curiosity


•   Being responsible for their choices and actions
•   Being a reliable person
•   Being honest