Highly Qualified Teachers

At Little Koala, all of our teachers are highly qualified. Our teachers have:

  • Early Childhood Education License
  • American Montessori Internationale Certification
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Other speciality training


  1. Arrive at school each day well rested and healthy
  2. Participate in activities in a positive manner
  3. Be inquisitive
  4. Share their learning experiences with their parents
  5. Respect all members of Little Koala Montessori
  6. Treat our surroundings well, including our classroom, lunchroom, playroom, naproom, bathroom and outdoor play area
  7. Keep food and drink in the lunchroom only
  8. Refrain from rough play-- no hitting, poking, pushing hard, throwing objects, using sticks as toys, play fighting
  9. Respect our "No Violence" policy-- no guns, no pretend guns, no swords, no toy weapons
  10. Follow all teacher instructions
  11. Use walking feet indoors, running is only permitted outdoors


  1. Support the school
  2. Ensure their children are at school on time and are healthy
  3. Discuss school learning with their children to reinforce concepts and ideas
  4. Ensure that their children are dressed in proper uniform attire (or similar to uniform attire)
  5. Ensure that their children have a healthy, well balanced lunch and snack
  6. Ensure that their children have a change of clothes at the school
  7. Communicate directly with teachers if problems arise
  8. Attend, when possible, school functions
  9. Support school field trips, outdoor activities, art activities
  10. Pick up their children on time